Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Evil Twin

Have you ever had a dream? Not one when you were sleeping but one that you just wanted to have happen for a long time. One that maybe keeps you up at night or you keep chasing after. Maybe it's one that you've tried to achieve by reading books on it or by things to help you attain it. 

The last few years my dream has been to be a writer. To be a published writer. So I bought a laptop. And I've read some books. I've met and talked with people. And I've started to create a desk. I write and I rewrite. And I just wait for it to happen. Except it seems the more I push and try to make the numbers on my blog go up, it doesn't work. Yet when I write from my heart people want to read it.

It really doesn't make sense to me. Except that it's not really us that needs to do anything. We need to be true to ourselves and true to the passion that God has placed on our hearts. And if we're doing that; the numbers and fame and attention really shouldn't matter because we're doing what we love.

My husband Keven is in a new band, The Death of Saul. They came out with this song "Evil Twin" and for me it just hits that on the head. I never bought a Twin Reverb (honestly I didn't even know what one was until they explained it to me: I thought it was a metaphor but turns out it's really an amp) but I did buy writing gear and buy into ideas. The lyrics are below but you can also listen to their song here.

Whoever your evil twin is-don't let them steal your dream. Hold on to the dream and let go of the guilt, let go of the pressure, let go of the evil twin, and hold onto the Dream Giver. 

The Evil Twin

Written By: David Saul
When I got the Twin Reverb I thought I'd be a rockstar
Only to find out that I'm not one at all
I'm glad cuz this life it won't last very long
I just want to taste heaven thats where I'm coming from
And Now I'm a going on a plane by myself
I'm headed to judgment with nobody else
My sins and my failures wanna meet me up there
But Gods interception delivers me here
And ooo its been awhile
Since I've had awakening style
All my life I've been looking for you
Now this needle in a haystack dream
Is more than its ever been
You're taking away my sin and healing disease
You're taking away my sin
You're taking away my sin
You're taking away my sin
And healing disease
When I got the Twin Reverb
I thought I'd be a rockstar

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Joy Stealers

Life is a humorous thing. And very ironic.

Last month I was asked to be a guest contributor on a blog: Delight and Be. So earlier this month I wrote up a post on Joy (their theme for this month). Last night I found out that it was going to be on their blog today!!! *Happy Dance*

My post is entitled Happiness Stompers. Can you guess what it's about?

So this morning I woke up and I was so excited that I was going to have something I wrote up on a website. And what's even cooler is their website is geared towards teens! This week my husband is at a conference geared towards youth pastors and here I am getting a chance to write to teens all over the world. Who would have thought I'd be in youth ministry?! (not me, lol)

And on my way to work you know what happens. The car runs out of gas.


In the middle of a very busy intersection of course. Thankfully people stopped and helped. Friends came and helped. (So thankful for them!) And I got to work ok.

But see now I'm at work and I have a choice. Do I let this car situation be a happiness stomper? Do I let it steal my joy for the entire day? Or do I listen to my own advice and remember that joy trumps happiness and our joy is fitted in God? Advice that is up on the interwebs for all to read, today.

Today, of all days!

Guess God knew that I was going to need a little reminder about keeping my joy in Him today. It's like He left me a big giant post-it note reminder. :)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Encouragement of a Child

"Wow you just rolled over!" "Look at you sitting up!" "Great job walking, you can do it!" "You can do it, keep going!" "Good job going potty!" "You were so close, keep trying." "I'm so proud of you!" We encourage our child in many ways, and it starts when they're so little. We praise them for the little things, because to them it's a big moment. And oh the look on their face when they know you're happy with what they did! :)

But when they turn that same encouragement on us, it's just hilarious.
"Good job going potty mommy!"
"Daddy, this dinner was so yummy."
"Mommy good job opening the yogurt. Keep doing it just like that."
"That was a great idea to buy me this toy Daddy."
"I'm so proud of you for not yelling mommy."
And the list keeps going.....

We encourage to teach them. They encourage to learn. To learn how to encourage, what to say, how to tell someone that they're proud of them.

Their encouragement may be funny and it might be over something simple but it can show us that we're doing something right, even if it's just going to the potty.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Becoming Undone

Every day we have a choice: to be happy or to be grumpy. Sometimes the choice is easy, obvious, and clear but other times we have to make that choice about a thousand times. And that's just 1 day.

For me the easiest way for me to become undone lies within my kids' health. One minute they're healthy and fine and the next minute it's the coldest snowiest February and we've got medicines lined up along the counter. This winter seems to be known for it's coldest temps, highest snow accumulations, and most RSV sightings on social media. Maybe that's just my newsfeed.

As a human we tend to wrap ourselves up in other people. Maybe it's your kids, your spouse, your parents, whoever is your closest and dearest. When they are at their worst, that just seems to transfer, one way or another. We take it and pile it on in heaps. And before we know it, we're drowning in their sickness but not receiving the medicine for it.

But instead we need to take some advice from our friendly neighborhood flight attendant. "If the plane drops and your air masks descend, please put your own mask on first before assisting others." We laugh at this don't we? Ha, of course I'll do that, everyone knows that. Until we get off the airplane, live our lives, start to descend, and no actual air mask is dangling in front of us.

We grasp for all we can for the other person, trying to help them, without receiving life first. On an airplane that would be dumb. In the real life that's normal.

So how do we do it? How do we remember to put our own air mask on first?
-Talk to someone
-Call or text people who can pray for you
-Remember to drink water, eat food, and get sleep----just like you're telling them to do
-Do what you can and let the rest go
-Remember this is just a season----whether it's long or short, it is just a season
-You're not alone

Winter is coming to an end, and hopefully this sickness season will too. Whatever the cause for you, may God heal your closest and dearest and may He put you back together again through it too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Favorite Kids' Bibles

After being inspired by one of my really amazing friends Bonnie, and a post she did on what they were reading, I wanted to share a similar one with you.

There have been so many times I've heard parents ask what Bible should I get my kids? Do you know any good ones out there? Yes I do :)

At the moment Ally is 1, Micah is 4, and Abbey is 7. Here are the Bibles that they are enjoying right now.

Ally's favorite:


Not only is this Bible cute, pink, and very colorful, it also has an adorable handle so she can carry it around on her own. This Bible has added so much to Ally's bedtime routine and helps her to enjoy the Bible at her own level, even if that means being able to be chewed on.

Micah's favorite:

This Bible is on the young side for Micah right now but he still loves it. It was a gift when he was born from a family in our old Church, is has crayon on the front page, a huge gash on the back cover, and the spine has come loose. But even after getting him "older" Bibles, he still goes back to this one, old trusty reliable Bible. This one spreads the Bible stories out over several pages and he loves the David and Goliath story.

Abbey's favorite:

This Bible merges the gap between "picture Bibles" and "real Bibles". There's pictures for her to still look at and enjoy but the wording of the stories is in much more detail and so much closer to the actual text. It also has a wider variety of Bible stories in it.

There are so many amazing and great Kids Bibles and devotions out there, these are just a few that we're enjoying right now. What kids' Bibles are your family's favorites?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 Is Going To Be Great

So it's been a bit. But I'm back and I'm excited about it.

There have been some changes around here: both the blog and my own life. You may have noticed a new name: Life In Our Shoes. The name goes back to the phrase/concept "You don't know a person till you've walked a mile in their shoes". I want my blog to be honest and come from my own personal life so it's a glimpse into Life In Our Shoes. The domain (or website thingy) has changed too. The blog is now residing at Yeah I bough a dot com! So book mark it, change it in your blog feeder, etc

In my personal life I was promoted at work, which has been fantastic. We've made some amazing new friends here in PA. And I have put together some really good goals for 2015 that with some accountability I'm hoping to accomplish. One of those is taking a picture every day and posting it. You can follow along on instagram with #christysin2015.

My word for this year is together. I want to do life together with people. Last year that was my word for our family and this year I want to dive deeper into it in my own life.

So let's do this together! Here's to a great 2015! Cheers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What Do You Do Next?

If you're joining me today from We Are That Family, welcome! Today I had a wonderful opportunity to share why we should say yes to God even if it means going backwards. So here I would like to share what you do now.

When God calls you to go backwards, what do you do next?

1. Pray- Lots and lots of prayer. Continue to seek God in all things.

2. Find Scripture- For us when we realized God was calling us to step back into college life we held on to this scripture: Psalm 128:1 "Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him." Blessing follows our obedience to Him.

3. Seek council- Find some people you trust to hash out some of the details with. Ask them to pray with you, to help you figure out the next possible step.

4. Trust God- Even if the ducks aren't laid out in front of you, even if you don't see the future before your eyes. God does. He has it all in the palm of His hand. He may reveal only one step at a time, but none of it is a surprise to Him.

5. Jump- There comes a time when you know exactly the next step that needs taken, you have no more words to pray, all you need to do is just jump. God will catch you. 

May God guide you as you follow after Him, even if it means going backwards. It will be scary, but God is in control of it.