Friday, October 26, 2012

Craft Panic Attack

Its 3:45 and you are in the car with your family headed home from school. From the backseat you hear your child say, “Mommy, Daddy, I want to do a craft when we get home.” Outside you respond with “Sure sweetie, whatever you want to do we’ll do today.” Inside you’re saying; why can’t we play a game or watch a movie, not a craft, do I even have anything I can do with them.
Before you throw in the towel, take a deep breath. You can do this; you are a parent who has a lot more up their sleeve than you think.
You come running in the door, throw a snack their way, and head into the bedroom to panic. Before running to pinterest or calling your closest crafty friend try to run through these tips:
1.       Remember that to most kids a craft is something very simple, fun, a way to bond with you, and a chance to get out some creative energy. Because of this the craft does not have to be perfect.
2.       Take a survey of your child’s craft supplies. Your child doesn’t have any? Then take a look in your office or kitchen, craft supplies can come from almost anywhere.
3.       Start simple. Grab a few of your favorites or some general supplies like crayons, construction paper, glue stick, Popsicle sticks, etc.
4.       Ask your child if there’s something they would like to make, it may give you an idea to jump off of.
Here are some fun general craft ideas: painted handprints, color or draw a picture, make a puppet, or make a bracelet.
In one evening where our family had a very similar experience, my daughter wanted to make flowers. So after a good panic attack and a survey of our craft supplies this is what we came up with: Popsicle flowers with pipe cleaners and construction paper. They became such a huge hit for her that she wanted to make them for all of her friends. And best of all we had a lot of fun doing it together.
Still in a crafting panic and have no idea what to make? Smile, grab a coffee (or in my case a diet-coke) and jump on pinterest, they’re full of ideas. But remember that no matter what it looks like in the end you’re making a memory with your child that will outlast any craft that you make together.
Happy crafting and have a fabulous weekend!

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