Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What about baptism?

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday. Ready for an idea to use with kids church or youth ministry?

What about baptism?

Tonight our Church will be celebrating a baptism service where several people from young to old will come before the congregation, share their video taped testimony, and be imersed in water; they will be saying that they have accepted Jesus as their Savior and will be following in His footsteps to walk through baptism.

But how do you teach kids and youth about what it means?

Aside from reading Matthew 3:13-16, an account of Jesus' baptism there are a few other things we can share with them. With kids I usually involve a barbie doll or an action figure that they can literally dunk in a bowl of water. With this illustration we talk about the practicals of baptism, where is the tank at, who will be in there with them, how cold will the water be, there is no way they are going to drown, and whatever other questions they may have.

We also talk about symbols, like my wedding ring. My wedding ring is a symbol that I am married to my husband. My wedding ring isn't my husband and it's not my marriage, it's just an outward symbol to show other people that I am married. Baptism is similar. It's not our walk with Jesus and it's not what gets us into Heaven. It's an outward symbol to show other people that we've accepted Jesus's sacrifice for us and that He is apart of our lives.

And we finish our discussion by eating oreo cookies. Why oreos? Because they are fabulous with milk. Um ok says the sceptic. When we dunk oreos into milk, they become one, some milk gets on the cookie and some of the cookie gets into the milk. When we accept Jesus into our life, He becomes a part of us, a true part of our life. During baptism, being dunked into water, we are showing everyone there that Jesus is a part of us, a real part.

Kids and teens learn a little more abstractly then adults do. Anytime we can add more than one of our senses into a theological discussion, not only will they remember it more but they will connect with it more.

What are some fun ways that you have taught about baptism to kids or to teenagers?

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