Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gingerbread Disaster

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet? We spent a lot of this past weekend decorating, which was a lot of fun. A few weeks ago I joined Karen Ehman's from Chaos to Calm 5 day Christmas challenge. In the challenge she highlights 5 things that we can learn to let go around Christmas time. To learn more or to join please visit

So this weekend when we started decorating I tried to take some of those lessons to heart. I tried to do my best to put my "bossy" self away and enjoy the moment. The result? 3 broken Christmas decorations, all of my daughter's paper Christmas crafts hung at her eye level, a 30 second dance party to remove the grumpiness, and a lot of smiles and laughter. My house is not perfect, nor has it ever been, and the decorations were able to be glued back together, but all in all we had a fabulous family time.

Through this season I'm trying to remember that my priority does not have to be a perfect Christmas. If my family is together and there are smiles and laughter then it doesn't matter what else we accomplish or do, it's worth it!

With that being said one of our traditions the last few years has been for Abbey and I to decorate a gingerbread house together. It always turns out horrible, falls apart and never looks good. But to be honest that's half the fun. This year we thought we had turned it around by buying one that came with a tray. And we were off to a good start until the chimney went on, well then things fell apart. Literally.
Looked easy enough

Oh no!

At least we got to eat the treats :)
Yep it was definitely a gingerbread disaster. But that's where great memories are made. My Christmas season isn't going to perfect, but it will be filled with laughter, and for this perfectionist, I'm learning that is way better.

What are your favorite family Christmas traditions? Have you found any tricks to help a gingerbread house stay up?

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