Monday, December 10, 2012

Sphere of influence

Re-evaluation is a must at times in our lives. Times when change is about to happen, or when things seem out of sorts, those are times when we need to pause, reflect, and maybe re-evaluate a few things. However sometimes we confuse a need for re-evaluation with a type of discontentment.

This past week was unusually busy for us and after running at warp speed all week I found some down time on Saturday afternoon. There was a piece of me that wanted to fill that time with "necessary chores". That afternoon I also found out that a person I went to college with was up for a nomination for a huge grant for a wonderful organization she had founded. And all of a sudden I was left with this feeling of wow I am not doing enough; what do I have to show for where God has us right now, I'm not the founder of an amazing organization and look around my house isn't even clean. I started to panic and think maybe I needed to re-evaluate where I was at and what I was doing.

And then it hit me. There were 2 little amazing kids that needed and wanted my time. Yes 1 may need a lot of diaper changes and the other 1 may need some help learning to read. And yes to some people those are very menial tasks, but right now that's my sphere of influence. So for right now I don't really need to re-evaluate, I actually have to pay attention to my real sphere of influence.

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Our sphere of influence may not be grand and elaborate, it may not be fancy or frilly. But the truth is, it's our sphere of influence and if we are not making an impact on it then who is? God has created only you to be you; no-one else can do that job and no-one else can influence your sphere like you can.

Where is your sphere of influence? How are you impacting it?

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