Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fine Arts

Today I am writing over at Momentum Magazine about teaching youth fine arts. For some ideas on how implement fine arts back into your youth ministry please visit Momentum Magazine.

For those of you coming over from Momentum Magazine, thanks for visiting!

Fine Arts is a teen event and program apart of the Assemblies of God. You can learn more about them here. Fine Arts is there "to help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts".

Encouraging your teens to figure out what gifts and talents God has given them is really important. Teens are trying to figure out who they are, who God is, and how they fit together. In light of those things how can you encourage them to explore their gifts and talents?

1. Be observant of them. Have you noticed them doodling while you're trying to preach? Have you noticed their dramatic flair when they tell a story about their week? Have you heard excitement in their voice when they talk about a hobby of theirs?
2. Pray with them. God, their creator, knows them better than anyone else. Pray with and for them that God would begin to reveal their giftings and talents to them.
3. Encourage them. When you see a possible talent, give them loads of encouragement in it. Be honest and loving with them but also be very encouraging.
4. Pair them with a mentor. Do you know an adult in the church or a youth leader who is really good at the same gifting or talent? Introduce them to each other and see if the adult can help them learn more about that gifting or talent.
5. Give them a chance. Give them an opportunity to use that gifting or talent in a safe place, whether they fail or succeed, they need a place to start.

May God bless you and your team and help you each step of the way as you teach teens what it means to not only live their lives for God but use their talents for Him too.

Have you found an effective way to help teens discover their talents? How have you integrated fine arts into your ministry?

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