Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Forth!

On March 4th I was given a writing assignment, to write about the word March, below is what transpired from it.

March! There are so many meanings to such a simple five letter word. You could march up a hill. Your calendar has a March in it. If you like college basketball you’re ecstatic about March Madness. A neighbor of yours might even have the last name March. March can be the start of spring. It can start out like a lion and end like a lamb, or even the other way around. If you’re Irish March is another excuse to eat and wear the color green. And once in a while we can throw a few eggs, some chocolate, and a cross in at the end of the month. Again, there are so many possibilities for such a simple word.

With all of those possibilities though every time I hear the word March I think of one person, my father-in-law, Larry. Larry’s birthday was March 4th.He used to tell us that his birthday was the only command in the calendar; March Forth! Not only did it make it easy to remember but made us laugh too.
Oddly enough this assignment for the word march came on the best day, the day I was already forming my words. This year was the 6th year my father-in-law celebrated his birthday in Heaven instead of with us. The 6th year my husband called his siblings and reminisced about their dad. Once I heard that in Heaven they probably celebrate the day a person died and came into Heaven instead of the day they came into this world. I’m not sure how I feel about that statement, maybe it’s true and maybe it’s not, but either way there’s celebration in Heaven.

To Larry, thank you for teaching my husband what a father is even before he became one. Larry, thank you for making the small moments, like a birthday, fun. Larry, thank you for being a part of our lives. And Larry, March Forth on the streets of gold for us until we can march with you.

My father-in law and some family at mine and Keven's wedding in 2006. 


  1. Beautiful. I miss Larry and I can hear him saying that. He truly is a man of God and I know Keven is a fantastic father from his example.