Saturday, March 2, 2013


Day 1 of Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

We made it! After getting up at an hour where we were impedeing on China's time with God, meeting an awesome friend who took us to the airplane, 2 airplanes, a little bit of delay, and 1 van ride we arrive at our hotel in Indy!

First days of conferences are always a blur as you try to get settled and gather your berrings. Below are the sessions I attended and my few take-aways.

Savvy Financial Advice for Living on a Shoestring:
-Splitting extra money you recieve into 2 accounts, one designated for vacation and another designated for Christmas, where you can't touch either until a specified date.
-Look at your budget monthly so you are the one telling your money where it needs to go and n-ot the other way around.
-Follow your convications, trade off when your convictions call for it.
-If you suppliment your income outside of ministry, do so ministry minded.
-Go in with a friend to buy half of a cow and freeze the meat. Or talk to a processing place to see if any meat has been left behind that you can buy for cheap.

General Session 1 with Greg Stier:
-Don't pray like a wuss, pray like God is there, because He is.
-PRAY-Praise, Request, Admit, Yield
-It's in the cruicibal of awkward that lives are transformed.
-Forgiveness means to let something go so God can invade that whole in your soul.
-Make prayer the engine not the cabose; the first priority not the last resort.

First day was full of travel and rushing but God was here. Looking forward to more to come on Saturday.


  1. Ok, seriously one of my 2013 goals is to look into and hopefully buy a cow (or at least part of a cow!) to freeze. We are in!

  2. Sandra, that's amazing!! It sounds really worth it to. If you find a place, let us know we may just go in on a cow with you :)