Monday, March 4, 2013


Day 4 of Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

Well this is it, our last day here in Indiana! Looking back the weekend was fabulous but went so quickly!

We're here in the middle of the airport waiting for our flight, minds in a fog, spirit's lifted, missing our kids, and trying to process all of the amazing material we just heard and received.

Here are my last thoughts on the last sessions of the weekend. Enjoy!

The Cure of Youth Ministry Insanity: Survival Practices for the Crazy Chaos:
-Insanity: trying to solve problems, expecting different results, using the exact same methods.
-Know your situation. Be honest about the commitments you need to make to survive.
-4 pillars of youth ministry survival:
  1. Personal & Spiritual Growth
  2. Community
  3. Collaboration
  4. Purpose
-Stop working at home during your family's time, work on your own time, not theirs
-With programs give yourself permission to cut something or put it on pause
-Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it

General Session 6 with Rick Lawerence & Jason Ostrander:
-Inattentive blindness: focusing on the task and missing the moon walking bear in your ministry
-Focus on the red stuff (Jesus' words) and ask the Oprah question (what do I know for sure about Jesus based on this)
-May our orientation, disorientation, and reorientation be planted in God
-God wants to meet us when our strength is gone so we can rest in His perfect strength.
-In ministry life it's more important to talk to God about people then to people about God.
-The reorientation with God gives you the curvature of your life, your ministry, your family etc.

This conference was eye opening and extremely encouraging for both me and my husband. I hope that you enjoyed learning along with me through this blog.

Plane should be here soon. See you later Indy, happy jet-lag :)

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