Saturday, March 2, 2013


Day 2 of Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

Saturday started at a much more reasonable hour! Today felt like we had a better handle on where we were and what to expect. Below are some of the and sessions I attended and a few takeaways.

Be With Factor: How to Build a Mentoring Environment:
-When the change of culture happens the questions will be who are you investing in, who's investing in you, and tell me a story instead of how many people are in your ministry.
-An event matters if we get to tell stories of life change after.
-To keep and continue at 212 degrees (the point where water transforms and starts to boil) takes energy. It takes a personal relationship to show them how to follow it, to show them what that looks like.
-Our students have mentors in other areas of their life (tutors, coaches, etc) but do they have spiritual mentors.
-We need mentors in our lives. We need an older mentor to help us, we need peer mentors we can do life with, and we need younger people that we are mentoring too.
-Mentoring someone is not fixing them, it's loving on them enough to let God transform them.
-When you're in ministry, gather a prayer team, a team of people that can be praying for you on a monthly basis for your personal life, your family life, and your ministry.

General Session 2:
Rick Lawerence:
-We crave order in our disorder and certainty in our uncertainty.
-The only certainty we have is Jesus.

Jon Acuff:
-God isn't in the business of better, He's in the business of new.
-If our identity and orientation was in Jesus we:
1. Would start before we're ready.
2. Wouldn't keep score
3. Would stop trying to fix ourselves in the areas we're broken
-You should always play and serve to the capacity of your heart, not the capacity of the audience
-Fear fears community

General Session 3 with John Stumbo:
-The Author of life is writing a great story in your life.
-God is the God of abundance and drought, day and night, the summer and the winter.
-Disorientation-the ways we used to experience God don't work anymore. But don't miss God's silence for His absence.
-When disorientation comes remember:
1. Don't isolate yourself
2. Don't believe the lie
3. Give yourself permission to grieve
4. God's not done with your story
-God, the potter, has the prerogative to push the clay back down and start over.

Saturday was an awesome day! It's great to know that we're still in the beginnings of this conference, that there's still more experience and more God moments left. Looking forward to Sunday!

If you're here, what was your favorite workshop today? What was your main takeaway?

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