Sunday, March 3, 2013


Day 3 of Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

Today started a little shakier as Keven came down with the same bug our son Micah had earlier this week. Thanks to the prayers of some amazing people and him being able to rest early today, he was back on his feet for the afternoon portion and kept going. In all things, God has a plan!

Here are some of the workshops and sessions I went to along with some take-aways, enjoy!

Best Practices & Crazy Ideas for Junior High Ministry:
-I've never shot a cocoa puff out of my nose before today and I'm not sure if I ever want to again but it's a big reminder to me of how much I love youth ministry but not their games, the games are just gross. lol.
-When looking for a volunteer to help you, don't say no for someone else, let them choose for themselves.
-To make something better, at least part of it has to fail.
-The tyranny of the urgent keeps us from planning/prepping for the future.
-You want a volunteer who is not just fruitful in what they're doing but also fulfilled by what they're doing.

General Session 4 with Rick Lawerence:
-Even in the full light of day ministry can be hard to do, even more so in the dark.
-Sometimes encouraging and good news isn't enough for us to be encouraged, sometimes we need the messenger more than the message.
-Taste and see that Jesus is good.

Extending Your Influence by Improving Your Writing:
-I took a lot of notes on this one, if you're interested in a copy of them let me know :)
-No-one has ever written a book. They've written a sentence, a paragraph, a few paragraphs, etc.
-Writing is a permanent legacy.
-God wants to express Himself through you. You can show others a side of God that no one else will see if you don't share.
-Write with your senses
-One of the most encouraging ones I've gone to while I've been here, probably since I'm pursuing this whole writing thing, as you can see in this blog :)

General Session 5 with Margaret Feinberg:
-We live in a world laced with the wonder of God.
-Wonder of God: a moment of spiritual awakening that makes us hungry for God
-In Job's story; God revealed Himself out of the storm, inside of a storm
-God is good. God is on the throne. Breathe in. Breath out.
-God is with us even in the aftermath, in the rebuilding, the reorientation, etc.

Today was a fabulous day, another one filled with God moments. Only one more workshops and one more general session to go. But lessons to encourage and challenge for awhile. See ya tomorrow.

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