Friday, April 12, 2013

For Youth Pastor's Wives Only :)

Today I have an amazing opportunity to share over at Momentum Magazine.

If you're a youth pastor's wife and are struggling with how to share your husband with a bunch of teenagers; I have been there. So a *huge hug* to you because I know what that feels like. Remember that you're not alone, there are a group of us, youth pastor's wives, that get it. We get the up's and we get the down's and we get the calling and love for God and our spouse that drives all of it.

Thankfully we have the best teenagers in our youth ministry. And you probably do too :)

For the first part in some tips on how to make that possible please head over to AG's Momentum Magazine  to check it out. Hopefully you'll find some comfort in some of the tips.

If you've come over from Momentum Magazine, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Praying with and for each of you today!

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