Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

So today, in behalf of all of the amazing women out there that are super-heros in their own right, this post is dedicated to you!

You are a super-hero. Instead of a cape you might wear an apron, jeans, a skirt, or a buisness suit. But for your kids, that's your super-hero mom outfit.

You are a super-hero. Instead of being able to fly you might drive fast, or run your stress away, or bike with little ones attached. Or maybe you're the best at giving piggy or horsey rides. But you move in a way your kids notice, in a way that helps them to get from point A to point B.

You are a super-hero. Instead of seeing through walls you balance schedules, check-books, permission slips, and art projects. You are the one that keeps their world running without a hitch.

You are a super-hero. Instead of having your own theme song you may have your own phone ring, or a nick name, but moste importantly you have a strong amazing name; MOM.

You are a super-hero. God has given you talents, giftings, abilities, and blessings. Some days it may not feel like any of that is true. But in those discouraging days, the moments when you lead to lock the bathroom door just to breathe, remember this: You are a super-hero to someone in your life. And God placed that someone in your life for a huge reason and purpose.

You are loved: by me, by your someone who makes you a mom, and most importantly by the One who created you to be a mom.

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