Thursday, August 8, 2013

Couch Rebels

Thankful doesn't even cut it. Maybe awe-struck? I don't know maybe something between completely scared out of my mind and completely enthralled by this opportunity. 

I am amazed by God's response to our obedience sometimes. He asked me to write and I did. And I got rejected. He continued to place writing on my heart. So I did. And I got an opportunity. That lead to encouragement which led to more steps of putting my writing out there. Which of course led to more rejection and some acceptance. Writing is this weird mix of a roller coaster ride while putting your heart out for all to read it. 

But when we are obedient, God can do something with it. He is teaching, growing, and shaping me and my writing. I know it's not going to be smooth sailing, but really does it matter if I'm following what God is asking me to do?

Cause Pub chose my story Earthquake Moments to be published in their book Couch Rebels. Couch Rebels is filled with inspiring stories to encourage you to get off your couch and into your world to make a difference. It comes out August 14th on Amazon!!!! For each book purchased 3 people will receive clean water for a year in Africa from Blood Water. 

Buy a book, get inspired, and provide water for people that need it. 
To learn more about the book please visit:

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