Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Perspective on Age

I'm 30.

Yep it's official, I'm old. Unless you're older than me, then I'm still young.

Age is a number whose value changes with perspective.

Here's my new perspective:
I want to be excited about life like I'm 7, full of imagination.
I want to have adventures like I'm 16, when life was new and adventures were around every corner.
I want to meet people like I'm 20, where every person had a story to tell and conversations lasted for hours.
I want to laugh like I'm 22, laugh till it hurts and tears fill my eyes.
I want to love like I'm 25, filled with love of a family and friends.

What will year 30 hold? I'm not sure yet, it's only been a month, but I'm ready to find out. May it be filled with excitement, adventures, people, laughter, and love; at least.

May your 2014 be filled with the same.

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