Friday, January 31, 2014

Word of 2014

I decided this year to join the throes of people who create a word to live by for the year. Of course I usually take things to the complicated level so in this case I chose two words; one for myself and one for my family (from my perspective anyway).

My family word: Together

The year of 2014, I want this to be a year that my family and I live life together more intentionally. I want to create more opportunities and spaces for us to be together in healthy positive ways. It means less TV time and more playing time. It means more dates out with our younger ones. It means a lot more work and preparation on my end, but at the end of the year we will have many more memories of time spent together.

My personal word: Quiet

The year of 2014, I want myself to be quiet more. I am striving to meet certain goals in my own life to help me achieve this. I want to be quieter with God so I can hear Him in my life more. I want to be quieter with the kids so I’m listening to what they have to say first and not crushing them when I do speak. I want to embrace the moments of rest with expectance instead of filling it with more “noise”. This has already proved to be a lot harder than I've imagined but in the end I know it will be worth it.

Quiet and Together sure do seem like oxymoron’s when put together but so goes my life at times. 

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