Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I Learned from NBC and the Opening Ceremonies

It's February and most of the US is experiencing their coldest winter, in a long time. And now in the middle of a cold long winter comes a huge bright spot, the Winter Olympic Games!!!

In true Olympic fashion we got together with some friends to watch the opening ceremonies. Aside from learning some interesting facts about Russia's history and which countries were competing, I also learned that NBC knows their audience!

Anytime you are communicating to a large group of people, you need to know your audience. NBC did this fantastic during the opening ceremonies. Throughout the showing there were quite a few times one of us had a question. Like why was no-one sitting in all of those empty chairs in the bottom tier? Is there a hidden meaning behind Germany's coats? Why are Olympic rings on their country's flag?

We would ask our questions, someone would answer, and then almost immediately Meredith or Matt from our TV screen would echo the answer, almost like they could hear us. Their answer was always perfect, timely, and they answered all but 2 of our questions.

Not only did they know their facts about the people they were presenting to the US, but they also knew their audience, what they might be thinking or asking and when.

We can learn something from that. Don't know just your facts but know your audience too!

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