Monday, February 10, 2014

When Your Name Isn't On The List

Have you been watching the Olympics this week? I definitely have!

Some of the US athletes have done great. We've won gold in both snowboarding slope style events. And we've even won bronze in the figure skating team event. But there have also been some heartbreak moments too-crashes into walls, face plants into the snow, and even a broken leg during training.

Through all of those moments we cheer on our US athletes. We celebrate with them and we ache for them. But through it all I can't help but think about the ones that aren't in Sochi right now, the ones that were left behind, the ones that didn't make the team.

What about the ones that didn't make the cut, they weren't on that coveted Olympic list. How are they feeling? It's easy to feel alright about not making it if the US won gold. Well ok, I guess they did deserve to be on the team. But if they didn't make gold, they only made bronze or maybe didn't even medal at all. That's when it's hard to not wonder; would I have done better? Could I have represented our country better? I bet I could have gotten higher than them!

Personally, I'm not in Sochi right now. I wasn't even anywhere to ever going to Sochi. But I've been in that place before, where you're in 2nd chair instead of 1st, you just missed the Varsity team, you were one slot from making the musical, you were next in line for the big promotion, or narrowly missed the team for the presentation. Whatever it is, I think we've all been there, we haven't made the list, we're on the outside looking in and wondering if we could have done better.

You have a choice in those moments, how you view that closed door. You can view that closed door with bitterness and contempt. Or view it with the realization it wasn't meant for you. Honestly it probably would have harmed you. Why do I think that?

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

One person's successful open door can be another person's harmful tragedy. Just because the door and opportunity look great does not mean it would have been good for you. Sometimes a closed door is not a slap in the face but is really protection against something much worse.

Saw this picture on facebook today and I think it sums it up perfectly: 

Whatever hallway you're standing in right now; whatever amazing door has been slammed in front of you; whatever list you were left off of: choose today to not be bitter but to be patient because you were meant for more.