Sunday, March 30, 2014

When Spider-Man Came to Dinner

Earlier this week my family sat down for our regular family dinner all around the table. My husband and I both grew up in homes where family dinner was important and we've tried our best to carry that tradition on to our own family.

So there we were: our baby sat in the exersaucer, Abbey was on one side, then me, then my husband Keven, and next to him sat Spider-Man.

Yes Spider-Man came to our family dinner! Its ok, you can be jealous :)

What do you do when a super hero comes to your family dinner? Definitely feed him well. Mine seemed to really like chicken and chocolate milk!

Spider-Man picked the most chaotic night to join our family. But maybe that’s why the Super Hero came to begin with. Conversations were flying left to right. Rolls were burning in the oven. Our baby has just discovered that she has a voice, a very loud one in fact. Milk had spilled on the floor. And don’t get me started on the dishes in the sink.

There, in the midst of a very chaotic moment, where the rolls were burnt and half of dinner was cold (but the salad was just right), sat my family. For that moment I had a choice: to be embarrassed, upset, and ask Spider-Man to leave, or I could enjoy it.

Thankfully I chose the latter this time. This year I’m trying to focus on being quiet more. And for that moment I got it right. I chose to quiet the temptation of being frustrated and to really enjoy that moment for what it was; it was loud and chaotic and absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if Spider-Man will come to dinner again or not, but at least now he knows he’s welcome to come back.

Boys will be boys. They will get messy, they will be loud, and sometimes they will be super heroes. And I love this one!

Has a super hero ever came to family your dinner? Which one?

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  1. Proud of you mama...enjoying the chaotic moments is a BIG STEP! And there are more moments like these ahead since you are juggling 3 now...let the circus begin!!!