Friday, March 7, 2014

Willing-Five Minute Friday

I'm joining Lisa Jo Baker's blog today for Five Minute Friday. Today's Topic: Willing

Willing. It's the first week of Lent and that's what a lot of discussion has been about lately. What is Lent? Should we participate? Should we chastise it?

I guess this year I'm participating. It's been awhile since I have. But I think I find myself more willing again. I think I'm willing to be open this year. I'm willing to try new things. I'm willing to be used by God to do different things.

In the past there were always barriers. There were parameters I would put up. Certain demands that had to be met for me to be willing to go out there.

Now those barriers are gone, well most of them anyway. My parameters are a lot more lenient. I'm realizing that God can only use us if we are willing to let go of our own agenda and be open to His.

So this year as I prepare my heart to remember Jesus' sacrifice, I'm a lot more willing to sacrifice too. To continue breaking down those barriers and being more willing. We won't get any results if we're not willing to let go and try something.

I'm willing to be open, to be used, to make a difference, to just give it a try.

I'm willing. Are you?


  1. "I'm willing to be used by God to do different things." This. This is where I struggle - too often, I'm only willing to do what I was already doing, or what *I* want to do. Thank you for challenging me!

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday --- Sarah Jo

  2. Beautiful Danielle...I am willing...Lord give me a willing heart.

  3. Wonderful. Sometimes it is hard for us to let God use us.