Friday, May 16, 2014

Million Dollar Arm: A Review

This past week my husband and I had a really awesome opportunity to go and see a premiere of Disney's "Million Dollar Arm", thanks to Leading and Loving It and Different Drummer.

First off, who doesn't love a free date night at a really cool theater in the middle of Boston? :)

Second, it was a fabulous movie!

Million Dollar Arm is based on the true story of a sports agent who travels to India to put on a reality game show to find cricket players to play baseball in America. The movie chronicles the journey for America's 2 first Indian baseball players.

"This whole country is a study of extremes" stated one of the main characters, JB as he was in India. To me the movie exemplified that quote through out, as it showed the different extremes from the country and culture of India, JB's transition from caring about the deal to caring about his client/people, and even transition from single life to family life (in an unconventional way). "You have to commit to it and the rest will figure itself out". In my opinion this movie did a great job of sharing their story in a realistic way.

If you love sports melo-dramas, go see it. If you are looking for a wholesome family friendly movie this weekend, go see it. If you have a child (or friend) who is really into baseball (or cricket for that matter) go see it.

 Million Dollar Arm comes out in theaters today.

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