Sunday, May 18, 2014

The enemy is winning when you're not...

For the last few weeks I've had a chance to go to a class at our church entitled "How You're Wired and Why". We've taken a personality test and a spiritual gifts test and now we're taking a look at them together to figure out what our sweet spot is.

Your sweet spot, you know that thing that you are so passionate about that comes easy and natural to you, that when you're doing it you are not only loving it but it's a huge benefit to others. On a baseball bat it's the part on the bat that let's you knock it out of the park.

Writing is something that just kind of fell into my lap a few years ago. Right out of left field, I didn't even see it coming. It's easy for me, I love it, and it seems to bless some people. However I have a lot of other things to juggle (work, ministry, kids, life) so I make excuses. Lots of them.

During one of my excuse sessions with a dear trusted friend she said to me "The enemy is winning when you're not writing". Um, ouch!

But she's right. There are some things God has created me for; being a wife to Keven, being a mom to my 3 kids, and some others. Right now writing seems to be one of them, so I need to do it.

I think sweet spots can change over time. I think they depend a lot on opportunity and life situations. If you're sweet spot changes, don't be alarmed, change with it. Don't think you have one? You do, it's out there,  you just have to find it. It may not be a job, it might be a hobby, or an interest, but when you step into it, it will be awesome. And the enemy will be winning if you're not doing it.

So, what is it for you? What do you need to be doing so the enemy will be loosing?

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