Monday, May 19, 2014

Tribute to Aunts

May is the month of mother's day but mom's wouldn't be half as cool as they are if they didn't have reinforcements behind them. Like the amazing Aunt (or if you're in New England Auntie)!

I am so thankful to the aunts in my life, but even more thankful to the aunts in my kids' lives-blood, in-law, and adopted :)

There is something special about an aunt; they can discipline you like a mom, spoil you like a grandma, keep your confidence like a sister, goof off like a cousin, and make memories like a best friend.

So from one aunt to another and from one very grateful mom, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know your nieces and nephews. Thank you for making them feel special and loved. Thank you for the times when their world falls apart and you put it back together. Thank you for always keeping gum in your purse (ok I only had one aunt that did that, but it made a huge impression) :) Thank you for stepping in the gap when you need to. Thank you for being in their lives, no matter how near or far away, you make an amazing impact on them.

And to my own nieces and nephews----I am a better mom and person because of each of you. I have loved making forts, tie-dying t-shirts, going to lunch, looking over math homework, baking, talking on the phone, going on trips, and just plain hanging out with you.

What's your favorite memory of an Aunt in your life?

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