Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Look Back At All God Has Done

We are in count down mode to moving to PA.

When we moved from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts it was just the 3 of us: Keven, me, and our 8 month old Abigail. Now when we move back we're 5: we've added Micah and now Allison will be 8 months old this time.

Ministry can be a crazy roller coaster ride. We never thought we'd come to New England, well to rephrase that we actually said "No, we'll never go to New England" and I think God took that as a challenge :) He took us down a path that brought us up here and He used us in great ways.

In the last 6 years and 3 months we served 4 ministries, 2 churches, 1 Christian School, 3 non ministry jobs, 5 children's VBS's, 4 youth VBS's, 2 kids camps, 1 youth camp, 3 missions trips, countless events, youth services, and Sunday morning services. We've seen kids and teens be baptized, take communion, ask Jesus into their lives, step out in faith, bring their family and friends to church, and step out into their own ministries. We've had the privilege to serve leaders and volunteers who have grown into amazing Christians and even better leaders.

In our own family we've lived in 4 towns, had 7 surgeries, experienced 4 hospital stays, gave birth to 2 more kids. Through our 3 kids' lives we've experienced: crawling and walking for the first time, going to daycare, preschool, elementary school, accepting Jesus in their life, taking communion, being baptized, joining sports, learning how to read and write, making friends, earning badges.

As a family we have seen God's blessing and favor. We've drawn closer to Him and closer to each other. We've laughed and cried. And through it all we've made friends and memories that will last a life time.

It's good to look back and see and remember all that God has done. Because He's done a lot.
What has God done in and through your life in the last 6 years?

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