Monday, August 11, 2014

Home Is Where God Sends Me

A month or so ago I saw on Facebook a picture of someone's living room and there hanging on their wall was a sign. It read: "Home Is Where the Air Force Sends Me" and underneath it were all of the bases they had lived. In the midst of this move that really struck a chord with me.

Ministry can be so similar to military life at times. Both can come with little pay, little respect, large responsibilities, and frequent moves. And in both you realize that you aren't really in control of where you go or what you do with your life. I was a Navy Wife for only a very short period of time, but God used that time frame to really train me to be willing to go wherever He needed me to go.

It started with New England, the one place I swore I was never going to live. I'm pretty sure God took that as a challenge and well, He won :)  Now we're back at VFCC, where it all began. We took a large step backwards and entered the Twilight Zone, but here we are. But really in both circumstances we never would have left if God hadn't called us to move. We wouldn't have picked up and moved our lives just for fun. But we would for God.

I feel a little like Abraham. He packed up his life with his future hazy and just followed God wherever He guided him. And God guided him slowly but purposefully.

Father, please help me to always be willing to follow You wherever You may lead. And may my home always be where You send me. Amen.

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