Saturday, August 2, 2014

Learning to Say Goodbye

We have officially moved. Boxes were packed and loaded and then driven many miles just to be unloaded and unpacked. But we did it. That wasn't even the hardest part.

We had made a life for ourselves in MA, a life that we knew God had called us to and a life that we enjoyed. The last time I wrote here I took a look at all that God did in the past. He did a lot and I needed to remember that. Well I still need to remember that as I look to the future hurtles that we're going to face. The last month in MA we started checking things off our Boston Bucket List and tried to spend time with the people that meant the most to us there. We didn't cross everything off or catch everyone but we did get to savor that month.

During one dessert time out, a friend of ours asked us what we were going to miss the most, but we couldn't say people. What a tough question! Being in ministry, having our lives and family called to ministry life, our lives are wrapped around people. That's honestly the best and worst thing about ministry; the people you interact with. There were some tough moments with people these last 6 years but there were also some really amazing ones that I wouldn't trade anything for.

But now that we're on this side of the boxes and away from our once community, it's still the people I miss the most. Saying goodbye was so tough and hard but I know, deep inside, that for some of those people it's not a permanent goodbye, it's just a temporary one.

Transitioning and leaving ministry is tough. This is the second time we've moved away from a ministry and I haven't gotten used to it, I hope I never do. But I'm learning and adapting and growing. Or at least I'm trying to.


  1. Michael W. Smith's old song, "Friends" speaks about this. Welcome back to PA, even though you're still a long way away.

    1. Mollie, I thought of that song a lot during the transition! Thanks!