Monday, September 29, 2014

Living Out the Sermon: Commandment Number 4

At the church we're attending (yes we did find a new church, yay, one step closer to being home) we're in the middle of a series on the 10 commandments. It's been kind of neat for me honestly, I've preached that type of series to kids a few times but have never heard the adult version, lol.

So commandment number 4....Keeping the Sabbath Holy. Honestly I thought I had this one down. We go to church every week....check! And if I'm being even more honest, I'm pretty proud of that right now. This is the first time in our married life where one of us isn't on staff somewhere (aside from the Navy stint) and we are actually just going to a church to attend, not because we have to be there every Sunday, but because we want to be. It was weird at first and I was afraid that it wouldn't stick, but it is.

Let's talk about that for a second though. If one moment you're in ministry, doing something that you know God has called you to, and then the next moment you're not, for whatever reason; you are still called to attend a church, period. It doesn't matter that you used to be a pastor, or that you preached, if you're taking a break from that "position", for whatever reason, you should not take a break from church. Those are two very different things, a pastor position and a church body, treat them as such. Ok, end of rant.

So church every Sunday, got it, good, done, right? Wrong. Our pastor really got into the nitty gritty of what a sabbath should look like, and not on the legalistic oh now I'm turning into a Pharisee side of it, but the wow God is kind of amazing to think through those types of details and know what I need before I realize it side of it.

Like how much we need rest, or how we need to unplug from the wired world so we can plug into the personal world, or how we need to just enjoy God right where we're at and in the ways that we enjoy Him the most. One practical example our pastor gave was how this should be the day that the moment our doe-eyed kid asks to snuggle, we actually pull ourselves away from our twitter feed to embrace that moment, instead of shooing it away. Ouch.

So yesterday we did what we should probably do every Sunday, we lived out the sermon after Church. We spent the afternoon with a long lost friend as a family, then did some individual recharging, and ended the night canceling our plans so we could live out this message together through dinner, snuggles, and board games.

And you know what's amazing? I feel refreshed and a little more ready for the week to begin.'s almost like God knew that would happen.

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