Sunday, September 28, 2014

When Your Balance Is Off

You know that moment when you stand up really quick and for that split second the room is spinning and your balance is thrown. I feel like that's my life right now. Balance is thrown. Off. Way off.

In a book I read a few years ago "As for Me and My Crazy House" Brian Berry talks about balance. What he said has really stuck with me. He compares balance to a scale, that at times throughout our life, depending on the season, we have to shift the fulcrum, or center of the scale to one side or the other. For him he was comparing family life versus ministry life.

Right now I feel like the center of my scale is constantly shifting. I haven't quite found the rhythm to this new life we're living quite yet. However whenever we are off balance, it effects every area of our life, and usually opens this wide gaping hole up for guilt to come pouring in.

When I was growing up I could always tell how off balance my mom felt by just looking at her dresser. If it was clean I knew she was pretty balanced. If it was a disaster I knew this probably wasn't a good time to tell her I had a huge project that needed her help.

For me right now my dresser looks great! (Good sign, yay me). But this blog hasn't been touched in awhile. (Bad sign, boo). However my house is now decorated for fall (yay). But yesterday was the first time in a few months I spent time away from kids and what did I do? Go to a training where I learned more ideas on how to teach kids (hmmmm). Ally is now sleep trained and not afraid of a bath anymore (big win for mom and dad). And Abbey has way more friends in our building than I do (not sure what to think on that one).

So life is revolving and moving and I am doing my best to keep up. Balance is fleeting but I need to remember that when it is off, to block the gaping hole and not let guilt in and to remember this season too shall pass. If you're in an off-balanced season too, keep holding on, we will get through this!

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