Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Recovering Perfectionist Mom

Welcome back to day 2 of my 31 days of family. Thanks for joining me :)

Today's post was going to be all about how amazing game nights with your family are. There were going to be pictures and cute antidotes on what our family game night tonight looked like. And well, then I got home from work. And a perfectly night planned out in my head turned into an evening of chaos.

That's what happens when we live with other people, our perfect plans, thought carefully in our minds, become our old lives and our new lives become filled with tantrums, laundry, dishes, sports practice, and running from here to there. 

So what is a perfectionist mom supposed to do? Hang in there. And remember that kids, yes may ruin your plans. They may spill juice (or milk, but who cries over spilled milk, lol), or stain their clothes. They may throw their tantrum the exact second you're trying to run out the door. They may even have selective hearing as to when to listen to you (and when to not).

But....they stretch us and grow us. They start tearing down our walls and boarders. They wear us down till perfection was just a thing of the past. Those same kids that spilled their juice, stained clothes, and threw their tantrum are also the same ones that say I love you, cuddle in close, and ask for just one more bedtime story. Why? Because to them you are their perfection.

To those kids: you are their world. And perfection to them is when you approve, when you smile, when you snuggle, when you giggle at their joke, when you hold on for just one more second. 

Your perfection vs. Kids' perfection: which wins?

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