Saturday, October 4, 2014

Importance of Family Photos

Welcome to Day 4 of my 31 Days of Family. If you want to catch up on the last few days click here.
I'm pretty proud of myself for writing on my blog just 4 days in a row :) If (when, yes when) I finish out the month, it's going to be great!

And the topic for today? Family Photos! Personally, I think they are extremely important. Not only do they reinforce positive memories for kids but they rekindle great memories for parents. And years later they are fodder to some great stories :)

When I was in high school my family started the tradition of taking a self timed picture of all of us on the couch on Christmas. Over a decade later and I have all of those pictures stacked in the same frame. It's been neat to go back and see the transformation of our family over these last 13 years.

It doesn't matter where the picture is taken, who took it, or what you're wearing, it just matters that you have a picture with all of your family in it. Especially moms, listen to me closely, taking pictures is fantastic but it is important to be in the pictures too---to help reinforce your kids memories of you being present in their lives. In the early years a kids' memory is reinforced by what they see in a video or a picture, set the self time and show them what you did with them in real life!

Two of my favorite photographers though are Stephanie Doyle Photography and Todd Anderson Photography.

Stephanie Doyle Photography is based out of Burlington, MA. She is phenomenal. If you're a reader from that area please check her out! She took the 2 pictures down below before we moved back to PA. The one on the left captures one of our last moments in Boston at a spot in Boston Commons that is highlighted in the book we're reading. The one on the right, completely captures all 3 of my kids right at that moment in their lives. Abbey is wearing the shoes that she learned how to tie her laces on. Micah loves his sisters with all of his heart! Ally, at that moment loved to move as much as possible (hence the blurry foot) and loves putting everything in her mouth. This photo speaks volumes about who each of them are!


Todd Anderson Photography is based out of Waldorf, MD. He is extremely talented! If you are a reader from that area, please check him out. He took the 2 pictures below. The one on the left was from an impromptu photo session he did with my husband and 2 of our kids. The kids had so much fun getting their picture taken with Daddy, silly and serious. And it was a fantastic surprise for me. The picture on the right is what happened when Todd handed my son a Superhero costume. Micah is my little superhero!

If you're near either of those areas please check these amazing and talented photographers out! If not, find one near you're area and have fun capturing your memories! And if you can't afford a photographer, utilize the self timer on your camera and capture those great moments with your family!

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  1. This was a great reminder, Danielle! Sometimes I'll stay out of pictures because I think my hair looks crazy that day, or for some other silly reason, but if I stay in the picture, down the road I know I'll just be glad I have that picture to share with my child (and I won't worry so much about my hair :)).