Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Making Memories: Club Sleepovers

Welcome back to day 8 of my 31 days of family series. 
No one told me that having a family in ministry means sometimes being involved in over night sleepovers with lots of girls in strange places.

Being a children's pastor I've done it a few times. Being a youth pastor's wife I've done that a few more.Camps, missions trips, all nighters (yeah no actual sleeping there). And this past weekend I did my first as a mom, a Prims/Girls Ministries sleepover at a church.

We had a fantastic time. And honestly the whole time I kept thinking back to my girl scout days and one sleepover I went to at a local high school gym. Honestly all I remember is that we watched Fox and the Hound in the auditorium, I got to pee in the boys' bathroom, and we danced in the gym, but I had so much fun. 

None of those things happened at this one, but I hope that Abbey remembers that we went together and that I slept right beside her on that floor and that we had a lot of fun.

When our kids are babies we don't get much sleep and sometimes when they get older we go on big outings with them and don't get much sleep, but we are in the business of making memories. 

What memories are you making with your family today?

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