Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When Work and Home Collide

Day 6 of my 31 Days of Family series. Yes, it is technically October 8th, so I'm a little behind, but I'm not giving up. Normally I would let the 2 day lapse bother me until I threw the towel in and claimed no I'm not really a writer, but this time, no matter how long it takes me to do this 31 day series, I'm not throwing in the towel. I am a writer (and a mom, a wife, a teacher, among so many other things) but I will not give up this time!
Being a working mom is difficult. It requires a lot of hat juggling and a lot of calendar prioritization. It requires some sacrifice, some on behalf of the mom and some on behalf of the rest of the family. But when having a working mom in the family is the best scenario for the family as a whole, you make it work.

There is so much I could say on this topic. But for today I'm going to share a funny antidote. I am a teacher during the day and a parent at night (and sometimes those hats are interchangeable). Basically that means I am surrounded by kids all day long and singing songs and cleaning up toys is about 75% of my day.

This particular week my class is learning about fire safety. Monday we had a chance to see a real fire truck. The kids had a chance to try on firefighter's boots and hats and even spray their fire hose. Because I have the awesome opportunity to have my son Micah at school with me, we sprayed the fire hose together.

Throughout the week I've sang fire truck song and fire truck song (honestly I didn't know there were that many out there) and read just as many fire truck books (again amazed at the quantity). Well tonight, half way through my work week, I pulled onto our campus to find everyone in our building outside.

Why? Because of a fire alarm. Yes, a fire alarm! And what pulled onto campus. Not 1, not 2, but 3 fire trucks! Although my friends laughed at my witty "I wanna ride on a fire truck" songs, inside I couldn't believe that my work had found me, in a very loud way, at home. 

No one was hurt and we were all allowed back in and Micah thought it was fantastic to see them again! And I know tomorrow morning my students will be excited to hear. But honestly I just want to laugh at the irony.

So if you are a working mom, find the irony at your situation and learn to laugh at it, it makes it a lot easier to get through some days.

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