Monday, October 13, 2014

When Your Little Girl Loses Her First Tooth

Welcome to day 7 of my 31 days of family series.
Yes, still a little behind, sickness and a few work and family obligations kind of came first this week. Through this series I'm learning a lot about myself and this blogging adventure, definitely learning some things to work on.

Tonight our family entered a new phase. We officially have a child who is old enough to lose a tooth!!!!!

Last week, while some family were still visiting, Abbey had 1 tooth that finally started to wiggle! She has been waiting for so long for any of her teeth to come out. (We honestly waited a long time for her teeth to even come in to begin with). Abbey was beyond excited to wiggle her little tooth.

She has seen so many friends, and even her cousin, lose their teeth. She's seen her teachers hand out special teeth papers announcing this new achievement. And she waited patiently. Tonight she didn't have to wait any longer, she wiggled, I wiggled, we wiggled together and out it came. And so did her excitement!!!!

Congrat's baby girl on loosing your first tooth!!!

Tonight we shared in one of the most exciting pieces of childhood! We bounced and cheered. We took pictures and texted relatives. We read "Silverlicious" together. And placed her tooth in a little baggie under her pillow. 

And as a family we celebrated just one more passage of childhood. One more step in my little girl's life. 

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