Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Help I'm a Words of Affirmation Person

Help, my love language is words of affirmation!!!! For most people positive words isn't their number one go to in life, especially if it's a 4 letter word. Not that long ago I took a personality test through my employer and it actually said that I enjoyed positive humor. Yes, positive humor. On the contrary one of my co-workers' said they enjoyed negative humor, which immediately made it clear why we never laughed at the same time.

But when you are on the positive side of things and have to be reinforced through words, how do you cope? Well....don't be friends with anyone who's sarcastic (ok, that was really sarcasm :) )

One way I personally cope is by finding ways to infuse the people in my life with positive words. And by giving my kids chances to practice using positive words on each other. For instance we have created a really awesome birthday/special holiday tradition.

Each birthday as we gather for dinner, we take turns going around the table and sharing our favorite thing or favorite memory of the birthday boy/girl. We do the same thing on Father's Day/Mother's Day or on an extremely important day for someone. Honestly now it's become something that my kids not only expect but look forward to (especially when it's their turn).

Another way is to use the art of writing to bless those around me, especially my kids. When we moved I was going through some of my old boxes and stumbled upon all kinds of notes from people: postcards from different vacations, birthday cards, notes from friends passed during class, and little pieces of paper my parents left me on the counter. And rereading through them brought back so many memories. I've tried to carry down the same thing to my kids and now I see them taping those notes up in their room or stashing them away in a drawer. The written note is still something to be cherished!

Lastly I cope by sending the text message I wish I'd received. If a friend of mine has an appointment I try to send a prayer text, not a oh hey praying for you but an actual prayer typed out. Or if someone has told me about a specific situation I try to follow up and remember. A text may not be the most personal way to interact but it does show someone you were thinking of them and connects you to them for a moment.

So how do you show love through words of affirmation to others?  

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