Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Favorite Kids' Bibles

After being inspired by one of my really amazing friends Bonnie, and a post she did on what they were reading, I wanted to share a similar one with you.

There have been so many times I've heard parents ask what Bible should I get my kids? Do you know any good ones out there? Yes I do :)

At the moment Ally is 1, Micah is 4, and Abbey is 7. Here are the Bibles that they are enjoying right now.

Ally's favorite:


Not only is this Bible cute, pink, and very colorful, it also has an adorable handle so she can carry it around on her own. This Bible has added so much to Ally's bedtime routine and helps her to enjoy the Bible at her own level, even if that means being able to be chewed on.

Micah's favorite:

This Bible is on the young side for Micah right now but he still loves it. It was a gift when he was born from a family in our old Church, is has crayon on the front page, a huge gash on the back cover, and the spine has come loose. But even after getting him "older" Bibles, he still goes back to this one, old trusty reliable Bible. This one spreads the Bible stories out over several pages and he loves the David and Goliath story.

Abbey's favorite:

This Bible merges the gap between "picture Bibles" and "real Bibles". There's pictures for her to still look at and enjoy but the wording of the stories is in much more detail and so much closer to the actual text. It also has a wider variety of Bible stories in it.

There are so many amazing and great Kids Bibles and devotions out there, these are just a few that we're enjoying right now. What kids' Bibles are your family's favorites?

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  1. I love this, Danielle! It is such a helpful post... I'll definitely reference this as Bekah grows up :)