Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Evil Twin

Have you ever had a dream? Not one when you were sleeping but one that you just wanted to have happen for a long time. One that maybe keeps you up at night or you keep chasing after. Maybe it's one that you've tried to achieve by reading books on it or by things to help you attain it. 

The last few years my dream has been to be a writer. To be a published writer. So I bought a laptop. And I've read some books. I've met and talked with people. And I've started to create a desk. I write and I rewrite. And I just wait for it to happen. Except it seems the more I push and try to make the numbers on my blog go up, it doesn't work. Yet when I write from my heart people want to read it.

It really doesn't make sense to me. Except that it's not really us that needs to do anything. We need to be true to ourselves and true to the passion that God has placed on our hearts. And if we're doing that; the numbers and fame and attention really shouldn't matter because we're doing what we love.

My husband Keven is in a new band, The Death of Saul. They came out with this song "Evil Twin" and for me it just hits that on the head. I never bought a Twin Reverb (honestly I didn't even know what one was until they explained it to me: I thought it was a metaphor but turns out it's really an amp) but I did buy writing gear and buy into ideas. The lyrics are below but you can also listen to their song here.

Whoever your evil twin is-don't let them steal your dream. Hold on to the dream and let go of the guilt, let go of the pressure, let go of the evil twin, and hold onto the Dream Giver. 

The Evil Twin

Written By: David Saul
When I got the Twin Reverb I thought I'd be a rockstar
Only to find out that I'm not one at all
I'm glad cuz this life it won't last very long
I just want to taste heaven thats where I'm coming from
And Now I'm a going on a plane by myself
I'm headed to judgment with nobody else
My sins and my failures wanna meet me up there
But Gods interception delivers me here
And ooo its been awhile
Since I've had awakening style
All my life I've been looking for you
Now this needle in a haystack dream
Is more than its ever been
You're taking away my sin and healing disease
You're taking away my sin
You're taking away my sin
You're taking away my sin
And healing disease
When I got the Twin Reverb
I thought I'd be a rockstar

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