Saturday, June 20, 2015

Code of ethics in Early Childhood

DEC's code of ethics:

-We shall use individually appropriate assessment strategies including multiple sources of information such as observations, interviews with significant caregivers, formal and informal assessments to determine children’s learning styles, strengths, and challenges.

-We shall build relationships with individual children and families while individualizing the curricula and learning environments to facilitate young children’s development and learning. 

-We shall respect, value, promote, and encourage the active participation of ALL families by engaging families in meaningful ways in the assessment and intervention processes. 

I thought all 3 of these ethics were really important because they crossed the barriers between special needs children and all children. We should be asking parent's input on how their child learns, regardless of their child's learning ability. We should also be a bridge between the families and the center/school for all families and their kids.

NAEYC's code of ethics:

-Recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community, and society.

-To help family members enhance their understanding of their children and support the continuing development of their skills as parents.

-We shall be familiar with and appropriately refer families to community resources and professional support services. After a referral has been made, we shall follow up to ensure that services have been appropriately provided. 

I agreed with all 3 of these ethics from NAEYC. I think it's important to remember that children are not stand alone people but are integrated with their families. But it's also important to remember that not all parents understand kids or have gone through classes about kids, they may have rarely interacted with kids and it's our job as the teacher to educate the kids but to be a resource of education to the parents too. We need to be an available resource to them and follow-up with them to let them know that we are there and do care. 

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  1. The building of relationships with children and families is a moment that reflects our true selves dedicated to the emotional, physical development of children. I can appreciate your awareness and why you chose these code of ethics!