Saturday, July 4, 2015

My First Birthing Experience

This past week my oldest daughter Abbey turned 8. These past 8 years went by so fast! But I still remember the days she was born vividly.

My husband, Keven, was in the Navy when I was pregnant with Abbey. My OB suggested that we were induced so we could plan with the Red Cross to get Keven home in time for her birth. My induction was scheduled for the morning of Friday June 29th, 2007. They started the Petosin IV and put me in a shared room. Keven and I were on the left side but behind the curtain was an Amish husband and wife. This picture was humorous to us, them on one side very quiet, just one small bag, and just the two of them. Where on our side, we both had our phones, a personal dvd player, laughing and talking and I had several friends and family come to visit.

The Amish family went back first and had their son that evening. The Petosin wasn't working for me so at 8pm they progressed by putting in a bulb to break my water. We spent the night just waiting. By 8am Saturday June 30th my water had finally broke. Then began the real fun! I spent the morning being miserable. They offered an epideral and I gladly accepted. My mom was an RN at an affiliated hospital so they allowed her to stay with me while they gave me the epideral. After their 4th attempt of trying to stick it in my back, my mom needed to step into the bathroom, and she passed out. At this point they cleared the room and after me begging for just a c-section, they were finally able to get it in. Unfortunately, an hour later, it came out and after 2 more attempts it was finally in! I was good to go.

The evening of June 30th was rough. My temperature and blood pressure spiked, I bit my husband during a contraction, and was mumbling complete non-sense to my sister (which we still make fun of today). As we went through the night I was not progressing at all as we approached the 24 hour of my water being broken. By 4am on Saturday July 1st my OB made the call that we were going to have an emergency c-section. I was relieved, I was not doing well and just wanted my baby.

By 8am, Keven and I were back in the operating room, and I was snoring (at least that's what Keven and the Dr. told me). A few minutes later Keven was holding our daughter and I was doing much better. It took a bit for me to come to but when Keven handed me our new little bundle I knew immediately that it had all been worth it.

8 years later, it was still so worth it. Our Abigail is such a wonderful amazing little girl, who completed our family 8 years ago and still adds so much vibrance and life to it today.

Some women say you're not a true mother if you've had a c-section. For me, I am so thankful we have the ability to have those procedures today, otherwise I may not be here, 8 years later, to enjoy every moment being Abbey's mother. Abbey was loved and nurtured from the first moment, regardless that she was born via a c-section. I don't think her birth had any effect on her development, except for the fact that she was here via that way. I chose this example because she was my first of three children and her birth set the stage for the other two to follow.


  1. Hi Danielle,
    Your story gave me goosebumps! What a wonderful story that I can hear your pride come through your words. I do not agree with the statement that you are not a true mother if you have had a c-section. I think that is one of the most uneducated statements ever! A c-section does not define who you are as a mother. In fact you are so lucky to be alive during this day and age in technology as less as 100 years ago you and your baby could have died from complications. I enjoyed reading your story and as a military wife myself, am pleased to hear they were able to get your husband home to share the experience of bringing in your first beautiful daughter into this world!

    1. Kristen,
      Thank you. I agree! Thank you to your husband and you for your service to our country!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this, Danielle.. what a great story. Abbey is an amazing girl and you're an amazing momma!

  3. Really amazing to hear your story. It gives a pride to women accomplishing the greatest deeds of going through the whole process of pregnancy. Going through the c-section is still a hassle where mothers bear the pain after the delivery too. Certainly technology plays its role but the 'labour pain' remains the same. Abigail should be really delighted to be in the midst of the proud parents.