Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stressors in a Child's Life

There are many different stressors that could impact a child in his or her lifetime. War, famine, racism, natural disasters, hunger, isolation, disease, abuse, and unfortunately others. I've thought back through my childhood and I was so lucky and fortunate to not have to deal with any major childhood stressors. I had moments that impacted my life or might have caused a little stress or change: my sister moved out when she got married, one of my uncles passed away, my dog was put to sleep, we moved twice, had an alcoholic family member, and my cat had to leave us for a few months when we moved. But really, in the grand scheme of life, those are not major stressors. I always went to bed full; filled with food, water, and love and I never doubted that tomorrow would be any different.

However as I scroll through my Facebook newsfeed I know several people who are foster parents. These people see children all the time come through their doors who have seen and experienced the ugly, horrible side of life. They have gone through moments/weeks/months where they were not full; they were hungry, thirsty, and unloved. Some of these children thought you only loved them if you hurt them. Some of these children did not know what it meant to spend time together as a family. Some of these children only had a garbage bag to put their few possessions in. Some foster parents try their hardest to put these kids back together, to give them stability, to teach them about love, to give them hope for their future. Some of these foster parents give and pour out so much love only to have the court slam the door shut on their love. Some of these foster parents get to welcome these children into their family and change this child's life. We need more people in the foster care system to truly change a child's life for the better. And we need more people in our society to be advocates for the children in their own lives.

Across the ocean, in the middle east, I think one of the biggest stressors is war. When war hits a country or when terrorists attack a community, children are the most affected. Last summer when Isis started attacking Christians, it was children, who were impacted tremendously. They had to flee and run for their lives, they starved to death, and unfortunately some where even killed.

Another large stressor for children overseas is the lack of education, especially for young girls. In Liberia, Katie Meyler and More Than Me is trying to change that by starting a school for girls in Liberia. Since 2006 they have helped 105 girls, in Liberia, get off the streets and get in school. When we educate the next generation, we are changing the world and that's exactly what More Than Me is doing.

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  1. Being a foster parent is an important role and gives children stability in their lives. It can relieve some stresses in a child lives but if the child is moved to a different placement then that can be a stress on their lives as well.