Friday, August 21, 2015

Child Development Quote

"It takes bad days to have good ones"-Tracy Little

I think this quote really sums up being with kids. Children develop at many different rates, sometimes they excel and sometimes they're behind. And if we're honest sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they get on our nerves. 

But to be able to have good days, we have to have the bad ones. We have to know the difference. We have to be able to look straight through the bad days and see the good ones coming. This happens in our own lives, it happens in children's lives, and if we have our own children (or work with them) this happens a lot.


  1. This quote reminded me about a concept I have been grappling with the past few days. I was at a conference talking about helping parents and caregivers to build secure attachment with young children using a strengths based approach. This means, pointing out to parents and caregivers what they do well and asking them reflective questions to help them grow. In theory it sounded wonderful (and research has shown it works!) but what I picked up on was that although the trainers use positive feedback, their image of the parent and care-giver is still a deficit image in which the caregiver/parents doesn't know enough or is seen as less than because they still have something to learn. This made the approach feel a bit insincere. It made me understand the importance of accepting and valuing people for where they are, no matter their understanding. To believe that every human will always have something of value to contribute but of course always have something to learn more about as well. As educators we always have to be aware of keeping that balance between knowing people have more to learn, but still respecting and valuing who they are. I think this aligns with your quote because we have to learn how to be and how to grow in every situation and we have to accept and respect people for who they are and see experiences as learning opportunities and a chance to transform, adjust and grow.

  2. This is such a great reminder Danielle! Sometimes we forget about those good days until we have a bad one! Then it reminds to appreciate so much more those precious good days. Thanks for sharing!