Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Support System

Each day my life is enriched by the supports around me. Some of those supports are real life human beings and some are just items that provide something for me. For me the biggest one is my husband Keven, next I would say my family as a whole, then I think I would have to say american comforts such as internet or my phone.

Keven is my biggest cheerleader. We've been through thick and thin together but some of that has been us taking turns being in the back seat so the other can shine. Every "big thing" I've done in my life started out as a conversation with him where he encouraged me to go for it. Without him, well I just don't really want to think about that to be honest. This past week when the gun threats entered the 45minute radius of the college we live on, I thought too much about that, and it's not a good place to go.

My family is pretty awesome, just saying. I've got 3 incredible kids, my parents are amazing, I have a sister whom I LOVE laughing with, and my in-law siblings are all some of the most caring people I've ever met. I also have some wonderful friends that are a lot like family. Most of my family is far away, across miles and state lines, but because of technology they don't seem as far as they really are. They keep me grounded and bring so many joyful memories. Without them, well I'd honestly be so lonely and not laugh nearly as much as I need to. And my memories and bucket list would be pretty pitiful.

And of course who can forget the american comforts of the first world: the good ole internet and cell phone. Tonight the internet was shut down on the campus I live on and it kind of felt like the world stopped (ok not really that was exaggerated, but seriously what did we do before the internet). And in a sheer panic of oh no my homework is due tonight how am I going to do it without the internet?!?!?! I drove to Dunkin Donuts where they give it away for free (and have really good pumpkin donuts). But seriously internet and my cell phone bring me closer to people that encourage me, slap me upside the head, and love me regardless. They also allow me to share with you, which is an incredible outlet of mine.

Without my supports I wouldn't be me. Thankfully I know that my strongest support is a God whom will never disappear, so regardless if the others do, I have Him as my foundation to help me create new ones. But I really like the ones I have already (even if I am a little addicted to the technology ones).

What does your support system look like? Could you function without them?


  1. I would have to say. The internet is one huge support system that I did not think about. You are right it is a big support system especially for our class. For the obvious reason that we communicate with our course through the internet. What would we actually do without the internet?

  2. Just like Chiffon, I somehow didn't think about the support of my phone or the internet, either! And what a support they are, you are correct. Contacts, schedule, email, texts, phone is practically my brain! What a great insight!

  3. Great blog Christy. We have similarities my husband and my family are my greatest support systems. And you are so right, my phone and the internet is a support system to me as well. I can't believe I did not think of that when I wrote my blog. I use my phone for everything. I no longer remember telephone numbers because I depend on my phone to memorize that information for me. Technology is definitely a support system.