Friday, October 30, 2015

New Class, New Assignment

Well it's Week 1 again. This time of my 4th class, Issues and Trends in Early Childhood.
For this class each week I'll be blogging about either an early childhood website that I'm dissecting or about a conversation I'm having with two people who work with kids (ages 0-8) in another country.

For my website I'm going to look at NAECTE (National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators). The website is full of information and has a seasonal newsletter. I'm excited to learn more  about this education and to be encouraged as an early childhood professional by them. And excited to share with you what I've learned from their site.

Now the harder part was finding 2 people who work with kids overseas, so I reached out to my contacts. I posted in a mom's group on Facebook I'm a member of and am in the process of working through a few leads from some of the mom's on there. One is a missionary in Africa and the other had a few friends she had contacted while working on her own master's. But my second person is someone I actually know. A few years ago, when living in Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to meet a girl who had grown up in that church but was now a missionary over in Swaziland, working with orphans and kids. I reached out to her this week and she's willing to help me out with this project. I'm excited to gain more insight into what she does for the kids in her new country, beyond the small amounts I already know.

At first I thought it was going to be really hard to find some people to converse with, but it might work out for me to find some people after all. In week 3 I have a chance to post back what I've learned up to that point. So stay tuned.

Can I just say I'm kind of amazed I'm still sticking with this master's thing?! It's been a lot harder then I expected it to be, but I've also learned way more than I expected I would. If you have a dream, something you've wanted to do for a long time, step out and do it. You can, if you want it bad enough,  you can achieve it. Go for it. It'll be hard, but the benefit will out weigh that in the end.


  1. How great that you had personal contacts to reach out to! I was able to get some from a coworker but haven't heard back yet. I'm hopeful I'll get a response! I'm excited to hear about what you learn from your contacts, as well as what you learn from the NAECTE website.


  2. How exciting that you were able to use a professional that you know! It will be so great to read about the things that you are learning from her and your other contact! I am still struggling to find contacts, but I liked the idea of posting to your Facebook group. The NAECTE website will hopefully be helpful for you to learn about. It will be nice to learn from you!