Friday, October 9, 2015

Tribute to Nurses

Timehop has graciously reminded me this week, of the nightmare of my life that happened only 5 years ago.  Thanks Timehop for that, but seriously it reminded me of how much things have changed since then and how thankful I am for the people who helped get us here.

5 years ago my family of 4 was in and out of the hospital, we had 3 over-night stays (2 of them lasted a week each), 1 ambulance ride that went to the ER, and 1 out patient surgery, all in the span of 5 months.

Through that time I really learned how important nurses are. It wasn't a true surprise, both my mom and sister are nurses, but it didn't really click until then. My life depended on them. My two little hearts beating on the outside depended on them.

Nurses are amazing people who must have super powers. They walk into your room and know what you're going through, they know you're in pain (inside and out) and they do everything they can to get to the source of it.

They may not always get it right, they're still human, but they try really hard. Every time they hold your hand, wipe a child's tear, reassure someone deathly afraid of needles, apply a compress, redress a bleeding wound, every time they act like you're the only one that matters. But the truth is, they've already done this, at least 10 other times, just that day.

They take you yelling at them, because they know you're in so much pain, and they still try to help you like you're their own family. They go to bat for you, even though you don't realize it. They work behind the scenes, flipping through charts, tracking down test results, grabbing doctors, they work hard for you, each and every time.

You come and go (well we hope anyway), but someone is always right behind you to fill that bed. And they still care about them, as much as they cared for you.

Thank you to all nurses, each of you, you've saved so many lives, and there are still so many more that depend on you.

Nurses are heroes, real true living in the flesh heroes.

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