Monday, December 14, 2015

Musicals and Faith

On the eve of my 32nd birthday, I was in my first ever musical. Growing up I had been in concerts, dance recitals, still plays, human videos, and even wrote and directed musicals and plays. But I never sang or acted in one, until now.

This year not only was I up on stage, but so were my 3 kids. All 4 of us had different parts to play, but we did it together. We sang, we danced, our littlest even wore a Sombrero, and we shared the joy of Jesus with the audience.

All of those years of "not singing well enough" or "not having enough dance experience" washed
away. Especially as I saw the joy on my children's faces of doing this together. Even in the midst of our littlest sleeping through the entire performance the first night (yep that was my kid this year), there was still so much joy.

But why did we do it?

Today I had a wonderful opportunity to share on my college roomate, Sarah's blog. She, along with her husband, Josh, and their team are starting a new type of Church: Empty Church. Today I'm sharing over there about sharing your faith with your family.

For me, the musical was part of that. It was an opportunity for them to experience more of Church, to learn more about Jesus hands-on, and to then share that love and joy with others. It was also a wonderful way to do something in Church as a family.  

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