Friday, February 26, 2016

When I think of Research

Class 5 is almost done! Wow, that's kind of incredible to say. It's been a long week and this coming week isn't looking any better, so it's pretty great to say that I am almost done with my 5th class (although class 6 starts in a few days, groan!)

When I started this class I really didn't think much of research at all. I knew it existed and occurred, and I knew that I had benefited from it with the products I used, but I really didn't give it much thought. Until the class started and as I looked through the syllabus, I thought oh man this is going to be really hard. But I was mistaken. The first part of the class I learned way more than I thought about the intricacies of research and it was surprising easier than I thought. Then about half way through new vocab words started flying at me and it got a little bit more complicated.

But all in all research isn't as bad as I first thought. It's detailed that's for sure, and there's multiple ways it can be done, but all in all it's definitely more doable than I first thought. It has definitely broadened my view of a professional in the early childhood field, because there are more professionals in this field than just teachers-they include the researchers, each type, who research more about early childhood. And early childhood education is not only affected by them but impacted for the good because of them too.

I actually enjoyed writing my research simulation. And I kind of hope that I might be able to pull it together in real life some day, it would be really neat to find out the real answers to that question and to discover what the research might really show.


  1. Danielle
    I am glad that this course turned out better then initially expected. I was overwhelmed just thinking of research. I am glad that enjoyed composing your simulation and that even though the class is over, you are still hoping to pursue the research and discover answers.

  2. So many of your statements mirrored my own feelings. I also can't believe that we don't get a break before our next class! Boo! I also learned that research isn't near as bad as I had thought (I was dreading this class!). Much like you, I too keep thinking that I would like to perform my research simulation in real life one day. I am curious now to see how it would work out.