Sunday, May 22, 2016

Different Communication to Different People

Do I communicate to other groups of people differently?

I think that I would like to say no, I'm the exact same person no matter where I'm at or who I'm with. Except I know that's not really true in reality.

When I communicate with Christians I probably throw an extra "it's all in God's timing" or a "oh I'll be praying hun" for good measure. But when I'm communicating to non-Christian's I try to stay away from Christian lingo, it's more general.

When I communicate to mom's I talk a lot about my kids, what they're doing right now, what we're struggling with, etc. When I communicate to women who aren't mom's yet I talk more about fashion, weather, date nights, movies, etc.

When I communicate to someone I'm trying to impress I gauge what they're interested in. When I communicate to my best friend or my husband I'm real and honest. When I communicate to my family, I laugh a lot.

I try really hard to not wear masks around people, to be authentic. But I also don't want to look like a fool, so I try to read demographics and locations. Like knowing when to say pop or soda, buggy, or shopping cart, carriage or stroller.

I really do communicate with people differently, mostly because I want each person I communicate with to hear me or to know me better on whatever level we're on.


  1. Hello Danielle,

    I understand what you are saying, because we are all different from each other. I know that we may have experienced something that the other person may not have so you may want to discuss something that you both experienced, and its easier to converse with the person. I know exactly what you are saying you don't want to look crazy or anything, and I totally get it. I believe its about adapting, and learning about the person. Great job on your post.

  2. Hi Danielle,
    Great post...had me smiling and nodding in agreement:)!!! We all do communicate differently depending on the person or persons we are interacting with. I believe in summary effective communication includes knowing the how,who, when, what and where.Thanks for sharing :)!!
    Blessings until...

  3. Danielle, these are all great points. I especially agree with talking to Christians. I am also a Christian, but I also swear... a lot! I try harder not to swear around other Christians, because I don't want them to be offended. I also never swear around children. We do change the way that we communicate based on who we are talking to, and that is a good thing. I think that it is all part of the Platinum Rule. We learn what others want to hear about and we learn how others want to communicate and then we modify our communication to suit what they want/need from us in our communication.

  4. Danielle,
    Thank you for sharing. I agree with what you said, I too communicate different with others depending on who they are. This is something that I think I have learned over time and it becomes really important to take the time to know with whom you have to change your communication style with.