Sunday, May 29, 2016

Personal Communication

This week for our class, we had to take some personal assessments for our communication in three different categories and then have other people complete the same assessment about us too.

When looking at communication anxiety, my husband and I both scored myself differently. I scored myself at 44 in the mild category while he scored me at 59 in the moderate category. He said it was hard for him to really evaluate me, even though he's seen and heard me speak lots of times, he had a hard time knowing how if I personally felt anxiety or not. I would say that realistically I have low anxiety speaking, except right before I actually speak, and then it spikes extremely high!

For the listening one my husband and I both rated me in the category of being a people-oriented listener who listens with relationships in mind. I would say that is a good assessment of how I value listening as a part of communication.

It's interesting how sometimes people can see you the same way you see yourself, and sometimes they can see you in a completely different light.

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