Saturday, January 21, 2017

Roles in the ECE Community: Local and State

Well that was a long break from my blog, sorry about that. Here I am with my last master's class and I get to write in my blog for the next 7 weeks as a part of that! 

This week we're learning about Communities of Practice, so for the blog this week we have to find 3 local or state agencies that I could partner with.

1. Southeast Regional Key (Pennsylvania): Their mission statement: "The Southeast Regional Key cultivates a community of early learning and school age programs to provide high quality, nurturing educational environments so that ALL children enter school ready to learn and succeed. It fulfills its mission by managing Pennsylvania’s quality rating and improvement system in the region through case management, professional development, technical assistance, financial awards, and community engagement."

I chose the Southeast Regional Key of Pennsylvania because this is the part of STARS, that the center I work at belongs to. As an organization they have provided important and useful professional development opportunities for our teachers and our center as a whole, as well as diagnostic help with navigating changes to the PA Key, Stars, ECERS, and ITERS that apply to our center specifically. 
They had no job openings posted, but did have their staff directory listed along with contact information for each one.

2. Chester County Intermediate Unit (Pennsylvania):  Their mission statement: "The Chester County Intermediate Unit is a dynamic educational service agency providing quality, innovative and cost-effective programs to enhance the lives of students and members of our communities. In support of the mission, the Intermediate Unit holds the following beliefsCustomer Service, Partnership, Leadership, Innovation, Advocacy, Professional Commitment, and Organizational Culture."

I chose CCIU because they have been a valuable resource for our center in providing therapists for some of our students who have needed it, as well as been a resource for fielding questions that teachers have had regarding certain situations with speech, diagnosis, specified testing, etc. They have also been a great word of mouth advertising unit for our center and have recommended us to other parents they service who they know live in our area and are looking for a center. 

The CCIU had several jobs posted, about 2 pages worth. Most of the jobs required driving to different towns or other certifications I don't have. One job I was not qualified for but was interested in was the Director of Pupil services but it required a PA Administrative certification and a special education certification as well as experience for 6 years being a principal, experience in elementary and secondary education, and at least 2 years experience already being a director of pupil services somewhere else. However one job did stand out to me, as one that I was qualified for: a Preschool Special Education Instructional Assistant. 

3. Penn Del District (Pennsylvania): Their purpose: A ministry network comprised of Assemblies of God churches within Pennsylvania and Delaware.

I chose them because the center I currently work at is a Christian Center. One of the aspects of our curriculum is to have a weekly chapel service for the entire center (Young Toddlers through Kindergarten) to be a part of. From the Penn Del District I have been able to gain ideas on aspects of the chapel service, chapel speakers, as well as themes for our services.

They do not have job openings posted on their website, but they do have a staff directory listed which includes both district staff as well as sectional leaders, so their is a contact point for each area of Pennsylvania or Delaware. 

I had a hard time finding an online presence for any local organizations supporting early childhood within Spring City, PA. However, I am aware of a directors group that gets together once a month to meet and discuss issues that relate to their particular centers as well as early childhood within our geographical region as a whole, but I don't believe they have an online association. 

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