Monday, April 17, 2017

Teaching Kids How to Memorize Scripture

2 more days till the start of the AG Kidmin Conference! Here's another children's ministry idea blog repost:

What about memorizing scripture? Memorizing scriptures from the Bible is important, anytime we are hiding God's word in our heart, it's a good thing. But how do we get our kids or teens to do it?

Make it fun and practical! Below are some ideas on how to help that:

First teach them the importance of the Bible, what the book is about, why we read it, etc. And then try one of these ideas to make memorizing fun:

1. Sword Drills
     -Have every person lift up their Bible up high like a sword. Give them a scripture reference twice and say go. Tell them once they find it to stand up and say the first word of the verse, then they can go ahead and read the entire verse. Do this 3 or 4 times and have all of the "winners" come up front and do one last scripture verse with them to determine an overall winner.
    -This game helps children and teens to become more familiar with where books are in the Bible and how to find a given scripture.

2. Give a Contest or Incentive 
   -Give them a goal with a reward to reach, whether it’s a personal goal or a group goal. 
   -Have them memorize a scripture to receive a prize
   -Have their small group work together to memorize so many scriptures and at the end they’ll have a party together
  -The incentives can be endless, but make it something they can reach and would be excited over.

3. Scripture Pictures
    -What about the kids that can’t read? Scripture pictures are a great way to help even them memorize scriptures. Draw out some of the words or phrases so they can literally see the scriptures.
   -You can also make up motions for the words and teach that to them. This makes it interactive and fun for some, especially younger kids.

4. Play a Scripture Game
   -Poster Board Scripture. Put the scripture up in very large font, either on a screen or on poster board. Have them say it 2-3 times, than change the screen. With each screen the font gradually gets smaller and smaller until the last one is blank. By the end they will have the scripture down pat. 

 -Scramble Verse. Give each student a word of the verse. Tell them the verse 2-3 times then ask the group to put themselves in the correct order of the verse. If you can do multiple groups at a time this would give them more incentive to listen and do it quickly.

  -Join a quizzing team. Junior Bible Quiz and Teen Bible Quiz, both from the Assemblies of God, are great resources. These are teams that compete at district and national levels through Bible facts and memorized scripture.

-Relays. Gather items that have portions of the scripture on it. Put them as individuals or in teams where they run to one end to retrieve the item with a scripture on it, have them run back and place it in order. First individual or team to correctly have it in order wins. 

-Balloon Pop. Blow up the number of balloons for the number of words in the scripture. This can be done 2 ways. Write each word on a different balloon, have them get in the scripture in order first and say the scripture all together. Start popping balloons one at a time, in between saying the scripture each time, until all of the balloons are gone and the scripture is memorized.  Or put a slip of paper inside each balloon with a different word on it. Hand out the balloons, have them pop them and put all of the slips of paper in order to make up the scripture.

Memorizing scripture is important to raise kids and teens up who believe in God. It teaches them that what they are learning is real and it gives them something to rely back on. But it does not have to be boring. 

These are just a few of many ideas out there on how to memorize scripture. What is your favorite way to teach kids or teens to memorize scripture?

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